Great work Ed – your designs are beyond belief – keep up the good work on the web site – really looking good..

Richard ShieldsPresident - Long Island Corvettes

Hi Ed; I use both logos you designed for me, as you can see on my website Many thanks and good luck to you. Keep up the good work. Frank Zane Mr. Olympia 3 times.

Frank ZaneMr. Olympia - 3 Times

Eddie, Amazing work! I know the traditional design background you have. Your traditional illustration skills are being integrated and mastered with one of the most powerfull illustrations today. It is truly amazing. I continue to look forward to see Eddie’s illustrations get better which is beyond me. The passion of every detail is very evident in these cars.

Todd SmithArt Director - NARS Cosmetics

Dear Ed, I received a print of a Corvette Z06 for my birthday. The color is a knockout! this illustration just right and believe me it is perfect. You have show great eye for detail in this illustration. Your craftsmanship is without question. I am very pleased that you worked so hard on this masterpiece.

Bob BertolinLead Engineer GMX 386 - General Motors

Ed, Real good to hear from you, Your Z06 artwork is awesome. Ray Krawczyk

Ray KrawczykCorvette Program Manager - General Motors

Thanks Ed for all your excellent designs you have created for our tours over the last 13 years. We appreciate your quick service and can feel confident the finished product will always be outstanding.

Dwayne BublitzPresident - Corvette’n America Tours